Midnight sun over Swedish Lapland

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It’s all about the light.

Earth is full of mountains, lush landscapes, fresh water and interesting cultures.
Swedish Lapland brings all this together and adds a bit of magic. The magic of the heavens
above. Aurora and Midnight Sun. Each a queen of the heavens in their opposite seasons.

Midnight sun over Swedish Lapland is a beautifully illustrated photobook.
Magnificent pictures of animals, nature and Sami culture are interspersed with poetic
poems and factual texts of Lapland. The book reflects the life in Lapland from last northern
lights in early spring to autumn colors in September. It is an intense period when the sun
refuses to go below the horizon during two months. The book also gives a historical review
of Sami history, Carl Linnaeus’ journey through Lapland to the first navvies who built ore line.
The publishers also give their views on how Lapland should be managed for future generations.

Welcome to a world captured beautifully through the camera by Peter Rosén and through poetry and prose
by Lisa C. Q. Holmström. They combine their talents to bring you their favorite images and trailing thoughts
about what makes this region so special during the season of the midnight sun.

80 pages. 28x28cm. Hard cover.

Languages: Swedish and English (different editions).
ISBN Swedish version: 9789163915314
ISBN English version: 9789163915307

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