e-book Aurora Borealis, the Science, Folklore and how to Photograph the Aurora

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Aurora Borealis. Northern lights. Words that stir feelings, thoughts, memories. Everyone’s northern lights experience is unique, depending on where you live and how often you have the chance to see this natural phenomenon. There are those who have only seen it a couple of times their entire lives, others welcome the dancing lights back every new winter season. Peter Rosèn is the photographer who guides you straight into the heart of Swedish Lapland and Abisko with his incredibly sharp and beautiful images of the northern lights in his book Aurora Borealis the Science – Folklore and how to Photograph the Aurora. The focus is on truly impressive panorama images of high quality that showcase the entire spectrum of Aurora Borealis colours while capturing that hypnotizing feeling of watching those dancing lights over the silently still subarctic winter landscape of Swedish Lapland. The short texts complement but never disturb the magnificent images. The reader is invited to learn more about how Aurora Borealis is formed, folklore from different  cultures  of the northern hemisphere as well as why Abisko has been called probably the best place on Earth to see the Aurora. Many years in Abisko have taught Peter how to best capture Aurora Borealis on film and his expert advice turns to both armatures and more routine photographers alike. This first edition is published in English and is an updated version of the printed book Aurora Borealis in Lapland published by LapplandMedia.