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Peter Rosén

Photographer, Guide

Peter Rosén

Peter Rosén has a background as associate professor in environmental science in Abisko. The breathtaking mountains and subarctic wilderness were always a part of his daily life and quickly became the subject of his favourite hobby – capturing the ever-changing beauty of Lapland on film. In 1996 he founded RosénMedia, to satisfy the increasing requests to purchase the images so many people found absolutely stunning. What Peter sees through his lens conveys the true spirit of Lapland, everything visitors long for.

Peter’s education and research on the environment, love of photography and dedication to quality have transformed his hobby into a successful and highly-acclaimed company. Peter’s company has been delivering images around the globe for over 20 years, having appeared in more than 100 publications, television broadcasts, books, marketing material and more. In addition,

His company also independently produces articles for magazines, books, slide shows, posters and postcards. Let these images introduce you to this impressive spectrum that represents the spirit of Lapland. The international fascination of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, has been Peter’s favourite since he moved to Abisko in 1999, and the book Aurora Borealis in Lapland conveys the spirit and awe felt by seeing aurora live.

Aurora Borealis in Lapland sold over 4,000 copies before it was even published. It is part of the strength of being an active and professional photographer in Lapland. In 2016 he published his second book Midnight Sun over Swedish Lapland.
photographer Göran Strand

Göran Strand


Göran Strand

Göran Strand has been an avid astrophotographer since the beginning of the 1990’s and has big passion for exploring astrophotography and different light and sky phenomenon in creative ways. Several of his photos have been published by NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of the Day,, National Geographic, MS NBC and several other national and international media.

His film material has been used by, among others, Coldplay, Spitz Incorporated, Discovery Channel, MSNBC, SVT and several web-based news media. In 2016 and 2013, he was rewarded best astrophotographer of the year in Sweden. In November 2016, Swedish postal service PostNord AB released five of his Northern lights photos as stamps. He has released two books, Jämtlandsnatt in 2012 and Ljusår – ett år av ljus was released in 2016.

Göran has been guiding different photography groups for several years, not only for the northern lights, but also for astrophotography and total solar eclipses. In recent years he’s been working together with Bonnier publications in Denmark as a photography guide on their total solar eclipse tours.

He’s regularly teaching high school photography students about astrophotography and different sky phenomenon and does several public lectures each year.
photographer David Evans

David Evans


David Evans

David Evans is a Lonely Planet travel and landscape photographer, travel writer, and a Master of Photography (AIPP) who creates images of high fidelity, depth and substance.

He is a multi award-winning photographer, and in 2015 was awarded the Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year, and the highest scoring image at the Canon Australian Professional Photography Awards, with a series of images created in Swedish Lapland. David guides, together with Peter Rosén, Australians in particular the beautiful, quiet, gentle and serene landscapes of Lapland, and the mysterious aurora borealis. Things that those living ‘down under’ are not able to experience in their own country.

Published Work

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photographer Kiruna Hans-Olof Utsi

Hans-Olof Utsi


Hans-Olof Utsi

Photographer Hans-Olof is coming from Kiruna and has during his more than 15 years as a professional still and video photographer been working with multinational companies such as SAAB, Volvo, Vattenfall, Sandvik, and PEAB.

He is also an excellent wedding/portrait photographer so don’t be surprised if he borrow your camera and capture some images for you.
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