Northern lights (aurora borealis), wildlife, astro and landscape photography tours in Abisko and Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

Peter Rosén is the photographer behind the books Aurora borealis in Lapland and Midnight Sun over Swedish Lapland. Peter and his team welcome you to Abisko and Kiruna in Swedish Lapland for your next photo adventure. We have more than 20 years of experience in aurora photography and is the best rated northern light tour in Sweden on TripAdvisor. 

  • All overnight participants have seen the northern light in a nice way ever since we started with winter tours in 2012 and we might therefore be the most successful northern light tour company in the world.
  • Travel in small groups with Swedish guides for a more genuine experience (max 7 guests/guide).
  • You have access to an AWD minibus and snow mobile to increase your chance to see the aurora in nice locations.
  • You are welcome to borrow all photo equipment and warm clothes from us. We are sponsored by Canon and have a good selection for you.
  • We have run photo work shops in Abisko since 2001. We have therefore more than 10 years longer experiences than any other tour company operating in Abisko and Kiruna. Welcome to our own back yard and the original photo tour provider in Abisko.
  • All our tours are all-inclusive and choose between the 5 days tours in Abisko National Park, the 6 day photography tour and 8 day photo tour that includes all the best activities we know of in Swedish Lapland.

Welcome to Abisko and Kiruna in Swedish Lapland!

Peter, Göran, David, Niklas and Hans-Olof

Our promotion video from Swedish Lapland

Aurora Live from Abisko National Park, Sweden

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