Covid-19 information

Lappland Media will ensure that all our guests and professional guides are protected from Covid-19 during our tours! We only work with small groups of max 7 guests which is less than any other photo tour operator in Abisko or Kiruna. Our hotels/lodge are small and most of the time we are outdoors. This will minimize the risk of Covid-19 for all of us. We will ensure that hand sanitizer and face masks will be available upon request throughout the time that you are with us. At the moment we think we can ensure that we can run the tours in a safe way. But due to the unceratinties for all travellers we have updated our booking policy so we can be more flexible with changes and cancellations during these uncertain times. In short this means that people who are not able to travel to us becuase you are not allowed to come to Sweden will get a new tour in 2022. Decision about moving a tour into the future will be taken 31 days prior to the tour. One tip is to review your travel insurance. Most companies provide extended travel protection at a low cost that reimburses your expenses if you yourself get symptoms of Covid-19 and can not come.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you must be symptom-free to participate. If you have any symptoms that may be related to the coronavirus Covid-19, you should stay at home. You must be symptom-free at least 48 hours before travel. The guide / organizer has the right to deny you participation if you show symptoms that can be related to Covid-19. It is your own responsibility to ensure that you have travel, sickness and cancellation insurance. Check with your insurance company exactly what is included and if there are any exceptions for Covid-19.

Please read our booking terms here. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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