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STF Abisko fjällhotell :Abisko Mountain Station, Swedish Lapland
Abisko Mountain Station and Mt Lapporten. Photo Peter Rosén


The interest in the Abisko National Park and activities in Abisko has grown enormously over the past few years, most often cited as being the best place on Earth to see northern lights – (Aurora Borealis) and the midnight sun at their opposite seasons. Join Lappland Media & Photo Adventures on an enlightening and unforgettable photography tour or suit up with one of Abisko’s three certified mountain guides for ice-climbing or heli-skiing. Other thrilling activities in Abisko available include dogsledding, ice-fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing. For a more relaxing pastime we warmly recommend simply taking the ski lift up to the Aurora Sky Station. Here you can lean back, enjoy a warm cup of coffee and something to eat. Let your gaze settle on the stillness of the lake Torneträsk, rolling mountains blanketed in either crystalline snow or the unspoilt subarctic nature.

Both the Abisko Tourist Station and Abisko Mountain Lodge are where you start to find the best Abisko has to offer, from the gentle mountain experience to extreme sports for the more adventurous souls!

STF Mountain station Abisko
The Abisko Tourist Station is situated in Sweden’s first national park, boasting a rich history which is reflected in the interiors. It is run by the Swedish Tourist Association, has a capacity of 300 guests of both hotel and hostel standards. The station is now well-known for the Aurora Sky Station, a popular café and restaurant which is also the perfect place for seeing the northern lights. The famous King’s Trail (Kungsleden), has its northernmost point starting right outside the station and stretches all the way down to Hemavan in southern Lappland, over 400 km! It is also known for its extreme ski sports, Nuolja Offpist.
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Abisko Mountain Lodge
“At last, you’ve made it inside with your tired feet and aching thighs. You’re surrounded by people sharing their day’s adventures in many languages and with hearty laughter, and are enjoying service you didn’t even ask for. The untamed mountain range towering outside, unforgiving and honest: this is what life is all about. Looking out over Lapporten valley brings back the unforgettable memories of the day.
True wilderness, unforgettable emotions. Sweden’s one and only.”
This is Abisko Mountain Lodge in a nutshell, as cited on their website. At the lodge, you will meet the enthusiastic owners Mina Dahl and mountain guide Dick Johansson. With exquisite gourmet meals and activities beyond the usual offerings, we guarantee you will enjoy staying here!
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Arctic Peak

Dog sledding and snow mobile tours from December – March.
>>Arctic Peak hostel and huskies

A very popular family business that is now expanding its operations with more beds. Do you want to access a cheap hostel accommodation in Abisko combined with fantastic dog sled adventure then please contact enthusiasts Tomas and Andreas at
Activities in Abisko
Snowmobiling, icefishing or ice bowling. Roger at Activities in Abisko has the adventure for you. Activities all year round in Abisko and its surrounding.