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Peter Rosén has worked as a photographer in Swedish Lapland for over 20 years and has an office in Luleå and Abisko. Peter deliver film and still images from Swedish Lappland filled with content from various outdoor activities, Sami culture, animals, landscape, Aurora borealis and the midnight sun. He is sponsored by Canon, offering high-quality equipment.

With the DJI Inspire 2 drone he can fly up to 120 meters in height and get a nice perspective on pictures and movies. Images are captured in 20MP and movies are captured in 5.2K in Apple ProRes or Cinema DNG for increased flexibility in post. Of course, we have all needed permission and liability insurance via Svedea.

With a motorized rig / rail you can control movements in movies and time lapse movies. Peter Rosén has good knowledge of 2.5D animations, advanced time lapse, movie editing in adobe premiere pro, after effects and photoshop. We understand the value of sound and for more advanced sounding, so we work with other companies in the region.

Did you come up with your idea today? Maybe it’s summer but you want to include winter scenes? Lappland Media AB has a large archive of both pictures and video from Swedish Lapland that can be used to raise the level a few steps. The film above describes Peter’s main interest “Lapland Light” and features different techniques like time lapse, 2.5D animations from still images and drone scenes.


Film Lapland

We have seen an increasing interest  to take movies and pictures with drones. LapplandMedia AB can offer scenes with the DJI Inspire 2 a x5s camera. The camera offers 20MP still images and film in 5.2K in Apple ProRes or Cinema DNG.

Sometimes it’s good to have access to multiple cameras at the same time. LapplandMedia is sponsored by Canon and therefore offers a wide range of still and movie cameras. The main camera is a Canon 1DX Mark II and lenses from 14-700mm.

Film Luleå
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