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Peter Rosén, the photographer behind Lapland Media & Photo Adventures – your photo agency, photo tour and media provider in Swedish Lapland

Peter Rosén has a long and successful career as an environmental researcher in Abisko, Swedish Lapland. The breathtaking mountains and subarctic wilderness were always a part of his daily life and quickly became the subject of his favourite hobby – capturing the ever-changing beauty of Swedish Lapland on film. In 1996 he founded RosénMedia, to satisfy the increasing requests to purchase the images so many people found absolutely stunning. What Peter sees through his lens conveys the true spirit of Swedish Lapland, everything visitors long for. Peter’s education and research on the environment, love of photography and dedication to quality have transformed his hobby into a successful and highly-acclaimed company.

Capturing the Spirit of Lapland for You
Our images reflect everything we are proud of here in Lapland – the untamed landscape, its flora and fauna, the people who live here and the natural phenomena Aurora Borealis and midnight sun that package it all so beautifully with the seasons. Now add the human dimension of Lapland. Laughter, serenity, playfulness and adventure. A love for the nature that has evolved around us. Peter’s company has been delivering images around the globe for over 17 years, having appeared in more than 100 publications, television broadcasts, books, marketing material and more. In addition, his company also independently produces articles for magazines, books, films, Lapland Jewelry, fine art prints and other souvernirs. Let these images introduce you to this impressive spectrum that represents the spirit of Lapland.

New adventures take us even further
To mark a new era in our own adventure, the company changed its name in 2012 to LaplandMedia – ImageBank – PhotoAdventures AB. At the same time, we expanded our business of delivering images to exclusive guided photo courses focusing on Northern Lights, Sami culture and the midnight sun in Swedish Lapland. These courses are sponsored by Canon and Manfrotto and are part of Canon’s Photography School, giving participants the chance to test cameras, lenses and tripods that they may not buy themselves.

Welcome to Lapland Media AB
We are also very proud of our two books, from our own publishers. The international fascination of the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, has been Peter’s favourite theme for many years, and the book Aurora Borealis in Lapland conveys the spirit and awe felt by seeing aurora live. “Aurora Borealis in Lapland” sold over 4,000 copies before it was even published. It is part of the strength of being an active and professional photographer in Lapland. Our book Midnight sun over Swedish Lapland is a beautifully illustrated photo book. Magnificent pictures of animals, nature and Sami culture are interspersed with poetic poems and factual texts of Lapland by Lisa Holmström. See more of our booksLapland jewelry, fine art prints via our webb shop.

Lapland Media AB is exactly where it wants to be – ready to help you with spectacular images, adventures of a lifetime and the tranquillity of Lapland. In whatever form you desire. Printed or Live.

Welcome as a spectator, image buyer and tourist to stroll through the Lapland Media AB photo archive and experience everything wonderful about Lapland!

Maybe I’ll see you at the foot of the mountain sometime soon …

Peter Rosén